Mathcad Keyboard Shortcuts

Keystroke Commands

Action Example Keystroke
Mathcad Help   [F1]
Context sensitive Help   [Shift] [F1]
Calculate worksheet   [Ctrl] [F9]
Calculate region   [F9]
Redefinition warnings (toggle on and off)   [Ctrl] [Shift] R
Insert text region   ["]
Insert math within text region   [Ctrl] [Shift] A
Addition with line break operator (within a math region) ...
+ ...
[Ctrl] [Enter]
Character inside brackets as in chemistry notation [ ] [Ctrl] [Shift] J
Complex conjugate _
Enter special characters into math region   [Ctrl] [Shift] K
Literal subscript x1 [.]
Namespace operator   [Ctrl] [Shift] N

Calculator Toolbar

Operator Example Keystroke
Absolute value |x| [|]
Definition x:= 5 [:]
Evaluate numerically x = 5 [=]
Division x/y [/]
Multiplication 3 · 4 [*]
Inline division ÷ [Ctrl] [/]
Exponentiation x2 [^]
Imaginary unit i 1i
Parentheses (3 + 4) [']
Mixed number [Ctrl] [Shift] [=]
square root [\]
nth root [Ctrl] [\]
pi [Ctrl] [Shift] P

Boolean Toolbar

Operator Example Keystroke
Boolean AND [Ctrl] [&]
Boolean NOT ¬ [Ctrl] [!]
Boolean OR [Ctrl] [^]
Boolean XOR [Ctrl] [%]
Boolean Equals = [Ctrl] [=]
Greater than or equal [Ctrl] 0
Less than or equal [Ctrl] 9
Not equal [Ctrl] 3

Calculus Toolbar

Operator Example Keystroke
derivative [?]
nth derivative [Ctrl] [?]
Indefinite integral [Ctrl] I
Definite integral [&]
Infinity [Ctrl] [Shift] Z
Iterated product [Ctrl] [#]
Iterated product with range variables [#]
Left-hand limit [Ctrl] [Shift] B
Two-sided limit [Ctrl] L
Right-hand limit [Ctrl] [Shift] A
Summation [Ctrl] [$]
Summation with range variables [$]
Gradient [Ctrl] [Shift] G

Evaluation Toolbar

Operator Example Keystroke
Custom infix operator x f y  
Custom postfix x f [Ctrl] [Shift] X
Custom prefix f x  
Custom treefix operator    f
 x  y
Definition x := 5 [:]
Evaluation x = 5 [=]
Global definition x ≡ 5 [~]
Evaluate symbolically  z → 5 [Ctrl] [.]

Greek Toolbar

Enter Roman, then type [Ctrl] G for Greek.

Greek UC LC Roman
Alpha Α α A/a
Beta Β β B/b
Chi Χ χ C/c
Delta Δ δ D/d
Epsilon Ε ε E/e
Eta Η η H/h
Gamma Γ γ G/g
Iota Ι ι I/i
Kappa Κ κ K/k
Lambda Λ λ L/l
Mu Μ μ M/m
Nu Ν ν N/n
Omega Ω ω W/w
Omicron Ο ο O/o
Phi Փ Φ F/j
Phi(alt.) φ   f
Pi Π π P/p
Psi Ψ ψ Y/y
Rho Ρ ρ R/r
Sigma Σ σ S/s
Tau Τ τ T/t
Theta Θ θ Q/q
Theta (alt.)   J
Upsilon Υ υ U/u
Xi Ξ ξ X/x

Matrix Toolbar

Operator Example Keystroke
Insert matrix [Ctrl] M
Column M<1> [Ctrl] 6
Determinant |x| [|]
[Ctrl] [-]
Transpose MT [Ctrl] 1
Range variable 1..10 [;]
Cross product u x v [Ctrl] 8
Inner (dot) product u ∙ v [*]
Vector sum [Ctrl] 4
Insert picture   [Ctrl] T

Programming Toolbar

Operator Example Keystroke
Add line ]
break break [Ctrl] [{]
continue continue [Ctrl] [
for for i ε 1..10
  Vi ← i
[Ctrl] ["]
if [}]
local assignment [{]
on error on error [Ctrl] [']
otherwise [Ctrl] [}]
return return [Ctrl] [|]
while while [Ctrl] ]

Symbolic Toolbar

Operator Example Keystroke
Evaluate symbolically [Ctrl] [.]
Symbolic evaluation with keywords [Ctrl] [>]